Give & Track Donations In 3 Easy Steps!

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Create An Account

It's easy to start your own Giving Fund.

Open a GiveClear® Giving Fund in under 2 minutes by providing your name, address and email for your tax receipt.

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Make a Donation

Contribute to Your Giving Fund

Use a credit card, send a check, withdraw from a bank account (ACH) or transfer marketable securities to contribute to your account.

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Give to Your Favourite Charities

Make a difference locally & globally.

Give a one-time or recurring gift to the charity of your choice to make a real difference.

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Why Choose GiveClear®?

All-in-one online giving fund with one tax receipt.

No minimum balance, no minimum grant size and give to any charity.

Any device, any time, any where.

Set up recurring contributions and schedule grants to your favorite charities and walk away knowing the money is going to the impact you desire.

Work with your wealth advisor to invest your fund and watch it grow, while you consider which charities to grant to.

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For Financial Advisors

Increase Your AUM While Saving Your Client’s Time & Taxes.

Partner with us to enhance your clients' giving, maximize their tax benefits and support causes they care about. A GiveClear® Donor Advised Fund provides an easy to use online portal enabling your clients to give to charities and manage all of their donations in one place.

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For Individuals

Give to your favorite Charities and track all of your donations in one place with a FREE GiveClear account. Recurring contributions and donations are easily handled through the GiveClear platform.

Manage the account yourself or work with a financial advisor to optimize your giving as a part of your wealth plan.

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How It Works
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Local, National & Global Impact

What Inspires You?

Donate to Charities That Support
Causes You Care About

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Raise awareness, fundraise and multiply your impact for causes you care about with our online fundraising platform!