Utilizing a GiveClear® DAF

Increase Your AUM While Saving Your Clients' Time & Taxes

A GiveClear Donor Advised Fund provides an easy to use online portal enabling your clients to give to charities they care about. From education and social justice, to health care and clean water, clients can contribute to any charity through donations of cash, appreciated securities, and other complex assets. This allows you to combine their charitable giving with their overall wealth plan to leverage tax-advantaged giving.

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Cash / Securities / Complex Assets

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Receive: Tax Receipt

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To any charity of your choice

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Local, national & global impact

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A Giving Fund can consist of:

Financial Advisor

Talk to your Advisor to maximize your giving & tax saving benefits

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Investment Account

Maximize your giving with an investment account. Talk to your financial advisor to create a plan that's right for you


Anyone can open an account & start donating to their favorite charities today!

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Giving Wallet

Hold your funds until you are ready to designate the funds to the charity of your choice. Set up recurring grants & contributions as well.


Strengthen the bond between you and your client while increasing your service offering and AUM.

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Financial Advisor Benefits

  • Provide guidance to one of the most important elements of your clients' wealth.
  • Enhance your service offering.
  • Attract new clients.
  • Continue to manage your clients charitable assets.
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Benefits to Your Clients

  • Support your clients with one solution for all of their giving.
  • Contribute and Grant immediately - Through donations donors can support the charities immediately making the impact they desire.
  • Contribute and Invest - Some clients may not yet know where they want to give. Your expertise can grow their funds tax free while they are making those important decisions.
  • Serve your clients by helping them achieve their philanthropic goals.

“GiveClear has given my clients and I a fantastic vehicle by which they can accomplish their charitable goals. At the same time, as their Portfolio Manager, I am given the opportunity help the charitable funds to grow under the investment guidelines that they are familiar with and comfortable with. The partnership between GiveClear, my clients, and myself provides my clients with more funds and streamlined opportunities to give to the charitable causes that are near to their hearts. GiveClear’s flexible fee structure has provided a great tool that makes sense to my clients and to myself, and has deepened our relationship.”

~ Janet Kim Sing
Portfolio Manager, Capstone Asset Management

Benefits Of Donating Publicly Traded Securities

Donating publicly traded securities can provide financial benefits to your clients:

  • most tax efficient way to give
  • donate “in kind” and reduce your clients' capital gains tax to $0
  • by donating shares, rather than selling first, gain a larger tax credit to offset your clients' taxable income
  • receive a tax receipt for the fair market value on the day of transfer of the gift in kind

Your clients will have different needs and different timing, so GiveClear Foundation makes it easy to work with the various types of assets: cash, gifts of publicly traded securities, gift in a will, life insurance, private company shares.

Example Scenario:

Original Value of Securities: $15,000

Value of Securities at Time of Selling or Donating: $50,000

Capital Gains: $35,000

Tax on Capital Gains:

Sell Securities & Donate:



Donate Securities Directly:



Amount Charity Receives:

(amount donated after capital gains tax deducted)

Sell Securities & Donate:



Donate Securities Directly:



Tax Savings:

Sell Securities & Donate:



Donate Securities Directly:



Based on federal long term capital gains tax of 15%.

The tax savings shown is the tax deduction, multiplied by a donor's income tax rate of 24%, minus the long-term capital gains taxes paid. This is for illustrative purposes only. Tax rates will differ due to location and other variables. Please consult your financial advisor to confirm numbers for your situation