What Is a GiveClear® Giving Fund?

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

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Cash / Securities / Complex Assets

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Receive: Tax Receipt

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To any charity of your choice

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Local, national & global impact

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A Giving Fund can consist of:

Financial Advisor

Talk to your Advisor to maximize your giving & tax saving benefits

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Investment Account

Maximize your giving with an investment account. Talk to your financial advisor to create a plan that's right for you


Anyone can open an account & start donating to their favorite charities today!

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Giving Wallet

Hold your funds until you are ready to designate the funds to the charity of your choice. Set up recurring grants & contributions as well.

Giving Made Simple

Once you have signed up for a GiveClear account giving is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Contributing to your Giving Fund on the GiveClear platform

Step 1: Donate To Your Fund

You can contribute to your Giving Fund by credit card, ACH, check, or wire transfer. Credit card payments can be made instantly from the website - you can even schedule recurring contributions!

Your contribution is an irrevocable donation to GiveClear Foundation, and is immediately tax deductible.

View of the charities search on the GiveClear platform

Step 2: Designate The Funds

Time to have fun! Find what inspires or speaks to you and give. Once you've contributed to your Giving Fund you can choose to grant funds right away or wait until later when you have more time to find the right fit. Grant to any charity. You choose when, where and whether it's a one time or a recurring grant from your GiveClear fund.

Have Kids? Make It A Family Affair

Take part together as a family! Getting children involved in choosing where the funds go is a fantastic way for them to take ownership and experience the power of giving. Your children can create their own Giving Funds that you can contribute to and receive a tax receipt for.  Connect on what causes you are supporting, allowing you to experience the impact of your giving together. Contact us to link your accounts.

Tracking your giving through the GiveClear platform

Step 3: Track Your Giving

Track all of your contributions and grants in one place through your GiveClear dashboard. You will receive a confirmation once the funds have been sent to the designated charity. Your name, fund name, and email address will be shared with the charity, unless you choose to grant anonymously.